Humble Brush

the world’s
most LOVED
ecö-friendly toothbrush

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Designed in Sweden
Developed by dentists
Kind to our planet
Humble to others

Choose the toothbrush that is more than just a good toothbrush. Humble Brush is not just cool and not just kind to our planet. Uniquely - for every sold Humble Brush, we donate a toothbrush to people in need of oral care.


Available in a range of great colors, a choice of bristles and also for kids.
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swedish design
beåutiful, SIMPLE,

Inspired by our scåndinavian roots,
simple, cool design and colors.
Looks good, feels good.


Designed in Sweden

Scandinavian design is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It holds true to the ideal that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all. The design of Humble Brush achieves beauty and tactility through this simplicity and with its bright colored bristles and laser engraved bamboo handle, it is also very, very cool.


Super-Cool Sweden

Many cool things come from Sweden. Abba, Volvo, H&M, IKEA. And now, Humble Brush.


develöped BY DENTISTS

Humble Brush
Developed by Dentists

For healthy teeth and gums


Simply a great toothbrush

Humble Brush has been carefully designed and then evolved through a detailed process. It is easy to use, has a specific curved headshape that helps with access to all areas of the mouth, it is comfortable to hold, effective in removing plaque and the natural bamboo handle is lightweight and therefore easy for both adults and children to hold and brush thoroughly.


design details

The subtle design curve of the Humble Brush head and bristles took over 400 prototypes to perfect. 



Humble Brush handle
is made from 100% biodegradable

sustainably sourced
natural bamboo


Humble = earth-friendly

Every year, the world consumes over 3.6 billion toothbrushes. Every year, we throw about 2 billion of them away - mostly into landfills and oceans. The majority are made from plastic which does not degrade. Worse, plastics are produced from fossil fuels so we are locked into a cycle of harming the planet - manufacture, throw away, manufacture, throw away. Humble Brush is made from biodegradable bamboo and the bristles from a largely biodegradable nylon-6 bristle.


Bamboo - It's not wood

Bamboo is a plant. So like grass, when you cut it back, it continues to grow - and fast. Bamboo was our ideal choice to make Humble Brush.


Humble Brush
GIVING for a brighter tomörrow


At Humble Brush, we give back.
For every toothbrush that you buy,
we will donate the equivalent
amount of one to people in need.


Buy a Humble Brush and give a smile

In some parts of our planet, children and adults have never owned a toothbrush. They often use pieces of wood, bird feathers and fish spines to try and clean their teeth. Imagine what it feels like to give that person a proper toothbrush. When you see their smiles, you understand what a gift this is. For every Humble Brush sold, we donate the equivalent of a toothbrush to the Humble Smile Foundation who support oral care projects around the world.


Together we can change the world

Humble Smile Foundation manages oral health outreach projects for children who live in the most world's most vulnerable areas.